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Welcome to Dialogically

By Dialogically Official

This article contains everything you need to know about Dialogically. Find out about our vision for the site and how you can best use it.

Thank you for visiting Dialogically. 

This article has been written to give you more information about our vision and values, plus how you can best use the site.

What is Dialogically?

Dialogically is a free and open "blog-like" platform that gives people space to share ideas and have meaningful dialogue. Dialogically will always be completely free to use and any published content can be read without registering an account. We intend to never clutter the website with ads and will certainly never use your data to target them to you.

How does it work?

Any content can be read by anyone regardless of whether they have registered an account; there is no ability or requirement to "follow" or "friend" another user in order to see any content they publish. Content can be published in three forms: Articles, Comments, and Replies. To publish any content you must be a registered user. Articles make up the majority of content on Dialogically and can be either stand alone or in response to another Article. Articles must be at least 200 words in length.

Response Articles are always linked to their original Article and are displayed alongside Comments. Although Comments and Replies exist on Dialogically, we encourage users to write Response Articles as the best way to create more meaningful conversation

Comments and Replies work in a similar way to many social media sites, although there is a minimum character threshold of 150. This is intended to encourage thoughtful responses and more meaningful conversation. Comments and Replies can also be routinely removed if they break our Community Policy (see our designated page) whereas Articles will extremely rarely be removed after publication. All content is also subject to a screening process prior to publication to ensure no profanity is used.

Our Vision and Values

We believe that freedom of speech is essential for new ideas to develop and flourish. Yet, for freedom to be meaningful, we recognise that restrictions are necessary. Not restrictions on ideas themselves, but on how we communicate with each other.

Our vision is for Dialogically to be a place for respectful and thoughtful dialogue, particularly when discussing sensitive and contentious issues. Although Dialogically was originally conceived as a place for tricky topics to be discussed (politics, religion, culture etc.), we welcome users to write about anything that takes their fancy. 

We want to challenge the "echo chambers" that frequently exist on many social media sites by removing the barriers that stop people of conflicting viewpoints from engaging in conversation. We never try to predict what you "should" see but instead simply highlight Articles that other people have found "interesting". 

We also welcome people to write under a pseudonym if they wish [you can add a pseudonym through your account settings or when registering]. This is not intended to encourage users to "hide behind a screen" when sharing their opinions, but instead to allow people to freely share their thoughts without fear of being targeted or "cancelled" on other platforms.

We hope you enjoy using Dialogically and are able to discover new ways of thinking and engage in meaningful conversations.

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